Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photoshop Class-Option 1
an 8 week course with Elements Photography

This extensive 8 week class covering all aspects of your photoshop program.
We will be teaching you the basic skills in editing photographs. Knowledge of photoshop tools, layers, and masks. How to turn a photograph into black and white with depth & contrast and different options to for vivid colors.You will also receive instructions on how to create beautiful cards, templates & scrapbook pages. We will keep the class personal, small, & inviting to help you gain skills that help create beautiful pictures & projects.

Classes will be held every Thursday night in the Elements Photography Downtown Studio.

Starting on March 6th @7:00
The cost for the class will be $300
<-----Use the Pay Now button on the left to sign up.
(A laptop and Photoshop Elements or higher is required to take the class.)
for more info contact Kellie @ 435.668.1136

Participant Discount
If you have taken the photography workshop then you will receive $50 off the class
Bring a Friend
Sign up together and you and your friend will receive $25 off.
(cannot be combined with participant discount)

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