Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Workshop Dates

Are you confused by your camera?? I can help!
If you are in need of some help learning your camera, and
learning the basics of photography...this class is for you!
Learn how to take your camera off Auto and what your
capable of capturing! Practice shooting in different modes and learn the right times to use different settings. Practice on real models, get hands on shooting experience Learn how to take the shots of your kids you have been missing! Learn how to position your subject so that is pleasing to the eye !

Class will cover exposer,
aperture, shutter speed, ISO,
composition, histogram, rule of thirds, setting up a shot, etc.
An add on photoshop will be available sometime in April.

What is included
 A printed workbook. It includes many photo examples. Along with quizzes, insights and tips to remember certain concepts. This will be an awesome
reference for you in the future.

* Hands on session with children.  This will be a great opportunity to
practice some of your newly learned skills.

*30% off any frames at Elementsframeco.com

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