Thursday, January 14, 2010

You've Been Shot...Photography Workshop

Are you confused by your camera?? I can help!
If you are in need of some help learning your camera, and learning the basics of photography...this class is for you!
Next Class is Feb 24th and 26th!I
I will help you get to know your camera...learn how to work all those buttons. I will teach you about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition, histogram, etc

Also how to properly light your subjects

Fix focusing problems
and how to position your subject so that is pleasing to the eye and artistic!
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way outnumbered said...

I've spent a ton of time going thru all your blogs...what you have set up is *fabulous*! I love seeing the before and afters of your classes...I've toyed around with setting some local classes here in Ohio but just wasn't sure about've motivated me! Your use of textures is beautiful...thanks for sharing~

heidi said...
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A Moment in Time Photography by Debi said...

I am Tara Heaton's mom and I am very interested in taking your class! I have also seen a class on photoshop that I would be interested in too! Are you offering this class too? Is there a way I can call and talk to you?
Thanks for all your help
Debi Leeflang