Thursday, January 6, 2011

Photography Workshop 2011

Are you confused by your camera?? This workshop can help!
If you are in need of some help learning your camera, and learning the basics of photography...this class is for you!
Next Class is Feb 24th and 26th!Day One } Thursday Febuary 24th
Get to know your camera, learn the difference between aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition, histogram, etc
Also how to properly light your subjects Fix focusing problems
Day Two } Saturday Feburary 26th
Learn how to take your camera off Auto and really learn what your capable of caputuring!!
Practice shooting in different modes and learn the right times to use different settings.
Practice on real models, get hands on shooting experience Learn how to take the shots of your kids you have been missing!

Learn how to position your subject so that is pleasing to the eye and artistic!

and make some pretty cool friends!

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The Starks said...

Hey I am interested in your class. I was wondering the time of the classes. Thanks.

Kellie Larsen said...

The class will be from 7-9 Thurday and all day saturday.